2016 Facelift New Audi A3 Taking Shape

2016 facelift new audi a3 1 1024x635 2016 Facelift New Audi A3 Taking Shape
Audi’s for nearly 20 years as one of the years in which the legend model audi a3 facelift. in 1996 the production line with the coded safe descending A3 8 l’s, had met in the second generation in 2003. Since the sale is 3th generation audi a3 road a day 2012. The last version of the sedan Vault gained the vehicle, compact luxury class difference on managed to put up again. Safe from the company that holds the long exchange of 4. It would be too early to expect a generation. Anyway I have to say that more time for the new chassis. But German companies make up operation launched early.

For next year we can see on the roads by 2016 new audi a3. Audi’s new technological benefits in this car design is evident in the WTO seeks changes to be made. There’s more change in the areas of lighting will be highlighted. The new audi a8 and the family used in other models introduced in matrix led system, this car will be included with full led headlights in structure. In addition to this engine in audi’s is expected to go to update options, especially the lower motor options in more efficient fuel consumption is expected to be present for performing updates. This innovation sit, the sportback, cabriolet and sedan, a safety deposit box are also affected. Preliminary planning for presentation or sale is estimated as presented February 2016. New developments will continue to transfer quite.