2016 New Astra K Sports Tourer Technical Specifications and Details

The Astra sports tourer model although he started with the origin of the adventure of the first astra j generation astra. in 1991 the production line starting with F from a safe adventure was produced first as a caravan wagon model astra f. Sees interest in Europe due to the sedan wagon car culture before the chassis sports tourer. Station wagon the legend, this new delegate seat in class.
2016 new astra k sports tourer specs 9 2016 New Astra K Sports Tourer Technical Specifications and Details
2016 new astra k sports tourer current model hatchback version + 332 mm has more length. But we do the safe, taking the benchmark equivalent healthier j. As you know the new astra is one of the biggest innovations made to the reduction of the weight. Fuel consumption drop from there serious performance-enhancing this great step into technical table serious difference. This astra k sports tourer in currency. So much so that our country is on sale at the lowest the j chassis 1333 kg empty weight, considering that, change the minimum after 1273 kg empty weight was promising for this tool the presence of development. On the other hand, if we look at the dimensional sense astra k, an increase of 4 mm 4702 mm long reach but high 11 mm of 1499 mm value. Design is much more dynamic than the previous one and impressive as the have been addressed. This tool is much more fluent and very aesthetic.

looking at the characteristics of a sports tourer 2016 astra k 12 different 15.16 and 17-inch external color option, 7 different wheel option (option list 18 inch opening is taking place), with 10 different interior color options presented to the user in Germany. Of course, as well as minimalist interior design, 7-inch touch screen, cutting-edge hardware and security features. The same hardware I mentioned previously for the astra in this vehicle the k is valid. This tool Selection, Edition, Dynamic and Innovation is presented to the user in Germany with hardware options. Its aim is to perform best are produced on behalf of astra k sports tourer, + 40 liter 540 litres of luggage space with increased volume on the road with.

The biggest innovation for the new astra sports tourer, one of k the engine options. This vehicle 1.6 l cdti 160 ps diesel and 1.6 lt 200 ps turbocharged petrol units. In particular, the existence of this new diesel unit low fuel consumption is more than pleased with the performance.