2016 New Ford Focus Red-Black Edition Coming

Ford fiesta red-black edition model series combined forming successful companies with the colors, 1.0 l 3-cylinder ecoboost 138-HP turbocharged petrol engine located at the fiesta model vehicle offered and features lots of drizzle. And now ford focus red-black edition with event companies wishing to move a step further and see what difference this vehicle?

2016 new ford focus red black edition 2 2016 New Ford Focus Red Black Edition Coming

2016 new ford focus red black edition at first, attracting the attention of the user visual differences. Black and Red contrasting two different primary colors as the way the other focus models using this tool outside the front grille, roof, side mirrors, front bumper, brake calipers, roof mounted spoiler parts such as different colors used. In the Interior is the Red-Black-themed gear shift and hand brake knob, steering wheel, floor mats and seats ford focus red black edition model apart from the details of the other focus.

Let’s get to the technical part. Paths specifically for the European market, this vehicle is a hardened front and rear suspensions of 10% and will come with 18-inch wheels. Although advanced technical infrastructure and in the spirit of the hot hatch which will offer three petrol and two diesel units in this tool will be used. These will be accompanied by a 6 speed manual transmission. Turbocharged units used gasoline fronts between 1.0-litre ecoboost 125 ps motor, 1.5 l ecoboost engine have the same volume 180 ps and 150 ps power-generating other ecoboost unit will take place. Diesel is as 1.5 Lt. TDCi 120 ps and 150 ps unit will be presented to the user 2.0 l TDCi. These include the two-liter diesel engine, except for the rest, I could not gasoline and diesel units.