2016 New Generation Peugeot 3008 Coming

2016 new peugeot 3008 2016 New Generation Peugeot 3008 Coming
The French car manufacturer peugeot in the crossover class with new safe roads “3008” representative to quit making the preparations.

İn 2008, offered for sale peugeot 3008 crossover suv class of the French model was one of the striking design. Especially the first time the aircraft cockpit concept, interior design, in those years had become the most important details in my mind about this tool. The makeup of this vehicle in 2013, French companies pulled out of a number of innovations in the casing and bringing more updated vehicle. Here’s the design changes under the hood even though the generation of innovations such as the new units was the same. 2. generation of a team for the news output. After all, makeup is not going over their lifetime in a safe and continuous innovation in the sector could not remain indifferent to this and left the peugeot while wanting too. And finally the new chassis is starting to be heard the sounds of the peugeot 3008. New generation 3008 completely renewing peugeot and citroen which belongs to a structure with a common platform that is named EMP2 chassis and engines will come. PSA EMP2 platform (the new peugeot 308 and new c4 picasso used in chassis) along with being included in the 2016 new chassis is expected to alleviate the total empty weight for notable 3008. In this way, fuel consumption and performance, we can say that there will be significant improvements as well. Also, Peugeot HYbrid4 coded hybrid diesel engine, made improvements on the serious economic yield is expected to be used of the engines. For now, when you reach my hand so aktaracaklarım I will continue to share the details.