2016 New Mitsubishi Outlander Technical Specifications and Details

All-terrain vehicles from Mitsubishi, the accumulation of companies serious about city environment and family structure is more appropriate “Outlander” has updated the last case of the model. 2016 we will detail the new Mitsubishi Outlander, but let’s take a look at the small history of the vehicle. 2001 the first safe routes in the outlander originates with small crossover suv took its place in the market as well. Calendars there is this time when the 2005 year with larger users. American market is the most important member of the lancer model family presented with very similar. by 2012, when in this time 3. generation delegate mitsubishi outlander road. This time the enclosure thoroughly update and 3 this year, growing the outlander. generation was facelifted coffers.
2016 new mitsubishi outlander technical specs 1 2016 New Mitsubishi Outlander Technical Specifications and Details
Smart four wheel drive system, the new mitsubishi outlander, with more dynamic and up-to-date design makeup when, led rear stop, 225/55 R18 tires offered in sizes of 18-inch wheels, 8 different exterior color and 2 went on sale in our country with the option of different-colored leather upholstery. Input and properties of the 2016 new mitsubishi outlander, stop and start, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, leather seats, navigation, multimedia system, heated front seats, electric tailgate, ramp departure support, adaptive cruise control, collision prevention system warning follow the Ribbon feature, hardware.

So far, so I transferred to similar information is contained in the model. Emphasize the most important this tool details I want to mention two of the. The first of these is the 2.0-litre engine for combining low fuel consumption despite big intrigued. At least the claim of quite notable through mitsubishi factory data. MIVEC technology called average 6.4 liter fuel consumption value, which is 1.6 litre atmospheric engines, almost at the same level with Banias. Another detail is the 7-seater seating. Offering great opportunities for large families as a whole this suv trunk seats although a small area when active 2. and 3. row seats when 1608 offers huge loading space, such as a liter. In addition, the capacity of 1600 kg is too much of a pull. If you are looking for more in the SUV class list city seems to be evaluated alternative tools but will affect the sales of two-liter gasoline engine. Because class with the very ambitious tools.

2016 New Mitsubishi Outlander Technical Specifications
Engine: 2.0-liter SOHC MIVEC 150 hp 195 Nm of torque (petrol)
Transmission: CVT automatic transmission
Performance: 0-100 km / h: 12 seconds – Maximum speed: 190 km / h
Fuel consumption: Urban / Urban Non / Average / CO2: 7.6 / 5.8 / 6.4 / 149 g / km
Size: Length / Height / Width: 4695 mm / 1680 mm / 1810 mm
Boot capacity: 173 (3rd row seats when deposited 781 liters)
Curb Weight: 1525 kg