2017 New Generation Volkswagen Golf 8 Coming

2017 new generation volkswagen golf 8 1 2017 New Generation Volkswagen Golf 8 Coming
Volkswagen golf, for 40 years as pioneer continues the existence of compact hatchback class. Finally, in 2013, 7. combining the new casing with extinction means German companies are increasingly difficult with each passing day, this class is trying to offer the most competitive golf model. Volkswagen last year, although it made the update with MK5 golf 7 and a 4-year renewal of the Mk6 in mind 8. It won’t be hard at all to predict the date of a generation.

Serious efforts for the new volkswagen golf 8 is know. But in terms of design visuals is not clear. So let’s focus on the future technological innovations. Every safe, a change in the scope of the brand, this time from further innovation is expanding. When we look at the innovations in the new passat is to come with 10 speed dsg gearboxes will be able to see the model in the golf 8. Turbo diesel engine in Florence coming option 2.0. So, dual-turbocharged diesel unit is said to be the new vw golf, which will take place at 8: 00. In addition, GTİ, GTD and R models will be given room for 7 speed transmission. In addition to all the changes in the multimedia infrastructure is expected. German companies have the infrastructure of multimedia system with apple ios golf 8 is said to be prepared to stand up to the user. For the latest information, over the period of time we will continue to convey quite developments.