6. Generation New Volkswagen Polo 2016 Year Coming

6 generation new volkswagen polo 2016 3 1024x682 6. Generation New Volkswagen Polo 2016 Year Coming

Since 1975, the volkswagen brand b segment representative vw polo model recently went out on the road with her makeup and safe and took its place in our country. But this model is completely change not only to the new safe comprehensive facelift his interest in me would risen even further the volkswagen polo. Now 5. deposit box that continue on with German company, 2016 will begin production of the new vault in March.

So what are the us new safe 2016 volkswagen polo innovations such as waiting?

6th generation vw polo’s predecessor 5. generation poloya will come with 70 pounds lighter than casing. However, there will be more striking design, the new polo, brother will have lines similar to the golf 7. In addition, different strokes reveal your own character that has will be in front of the vehicle, with the options of the new engine. This engine options include will take place.

Expected to take place in the new Safe 2016 Volkswagen Polo engine options:
1.0 TSI 95 PS-160 Nm
1.0 TSI 110 PS-200 Nm
1.4 TDI 75 PS-210 Nm
1.4 TDI 90 PS-230 Nm
1.4 TDI 105 PS-250 Nm

This option, as well as a new chassis volkswagen polo gti 1.8-liter in 185 horsepower and 250 nm of torque power-generating engine is said to be located. Also the new polo wrc at 231 horsepower 370 nm of torque, which will take place much more powerful engine that produces power said. Those expectations, as well as 2016 new chassis features the class limits for vw polo amply will force. Because the vehicle led daytime running lights, adaptive cruise control, xenon headlamps, bend lighting lights, pedestrian detection, longitudinal and transverse automatic parking feature, top hardware features such as traffic sign recognition is expected to take place.

6. generation polo for you transfer that’s it for now. towards the end of 2015, the new generation volkswagen polo details will start to be too much. But the b segment in coming years will start scratching again no question.