Fiat 126p VTEC Turbo Modified

Her love for people attracted to many different cars of toil and yet so sweet fruit is capable. Would you like to change the fate of a tool you like and. At the time called the fiat 126 matches in our country, one of Europe’s changing fortunes in the North.
fiat 126p vtec turbo 8 300x207 Fiat 126p VTEC Turbo Modified

The lessor is the owner of the Fiat 126 citizens named Tomas Nenartovic and lives in Lithuania. He gives you a tuner that complacency. A project for the sake of his beloved vehicle arms liquid. The purpose of fast and get a different vehicle. Live in the past, this tool aside after that will help ensure that one speaks of the vehicle is accident honda civic si. Fiat 126 so treated from head to toe, each part is changed. For example, the most obvious point in visually extended fenders! This tool is not an ordinary fiat 126 model of one of the greatest evidence of this. The lower structure extended duty brakes, tumble cage, improved chassis and most importantly civic si D16Z6 coded model 125 HP 1.6-litre belonging to 144 nm of torque the engine produces 170 horsepower with the power until the power has been made removing extra. Received power condescending. Then I write it immediately this detail. This tool only 580 kg! When you think power-weight ratio fiat 126 vtec turbo you can guess more or less what you can do. By God, not a joke, Cham man!