Kahn Design New Range Rover Evoque RS Sport Modified

Ranger rover for the modified first-come to mind when tuning firm is one of Kahn’s Design, by the end of the this year’s last bomb exploded. Recent work of the year new range rover evoque makes companies to see what has made such change.
kahn design new range rover evoque rs sport modified 1 300x168 Kahn Design New Range Rover Evoque RS Sport Modified

Luxury SUV class naughty models from the Range Rover Evoque, had met the coffers this year makeup. Kahn Design very nice for this luxury car before body kit works with buluşturmuştu. This time it’s different-style conditions, for 2015 range rover evoque British tuner, this tool sportive already successful design for beyond the nature of the Guide body kit to callers. When we get the details front bumper, side skirts, the same color as the ceiling and translated over the trunk spoiler attachments, fenders, rear bumper, rear diffuser and a new exhaust system changes that appear in the output of the eye. But the most obvious innovation as always wheels provided with. B in the 22-inch Kahn’s 600-LE-coded wheel used. Very ambitious size 265/35/22 standing wheels the tires he escort. The resulting kahn design new range rover evoque has been called on this work, the new evoque owners on the road much more sporty music drew the different path.