Kelleners Sport BMW X5 F15 Modified

German tuning kelleners sport, bmw’s new luxury suv model f15 chassis bmw x5 to run a successful and engaging on the modified signed. Car body kit, wheels and engine companies providing a comprehensive tuning kit place to fortify the new x 5 owners opened a new window on the modified for. Let’s see what is taking place in the details?

Kelleners sport bmw x5 details of the study were introduced as the f15 when looking at foreign exchange is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics in the body kit includes new front bumper insert, front and rear section, the extended fenders, side skirts, rear bumper and rear diffuser attachment is located. In addition to this change, making four exhaust outlets and refurbished. The outermost is the last change was the new 22-inch wheels. Matte black color wheels, altering the face of the most obvious of the kelleners sport bmw x5 parts happened. This wheels, 295/30 ZR 22 sizes accompanied the tires. Also made with suspension adjustment system, coilover.

If we’re going to change under the hood , bmx x5; xdrive30d, xdrive35i and xdrive50i, the vault f15 options for performance enhancement applied. In this context, the diesel option xdrive30d’s engine power values 258 HP, 560 horsepower and torque the torque power was removed to the level of a 302-655. 6-cylinder turbo petrol xdrive35i’s power in this change, which could be after 400 tor from 306 horsepower 358 468 torque has been removed. For those who want a more powerful is the xdrive50i who choose, this tool to get more than they prefer, kelleners sport vehicle power 450 HP, 650 nm of torque, 427 horsepower tor as can use elevated 761. As a result of taking a German language understood and for those who want to make more private preference point the tool created. Now let’s move on and let’s get to know more closely at photos of the vehicle.