New Range Rover Evoque Cabrio Coming

new range rover evoque cabrio 10 New Range Rover Evoque Cabrio Coming
That reminds me of when the SUV cabrio old jeep wrangler comes in. The weather’s nice, the resort’s free-spirited indispensable tool also gives people another sightseeing tips. Range rover, this concept by the end of 2014 in the name of catching within the “range rover evoque Coupé” introduced the model. This car was recently caught on camera during the test.

Camo encountered in the range rover evoque cabrio, obviously he’s counting the days to get back on the road. The technical data of the vehicle is not yet information about. But engine power units, the balance between 240 and 285 horsepower gasoline front is expected. Obviously the convertible will bring quite sound in 2015, the evoque. An unusual initiative and jeep brand so successful will you?