Vilner Tuning Mini One Cabrio Modified

The British car world is one of the rarest piece, Mini. There are more than half a century on the road, clean slate. As each imprint in the model definition of the cult car, this vehicle, with the details in the hands of the present value of segment assets and reached up to the present. It’s not only individuals but also by corporate companies became much more special. Here’s the most interesting one I know to you. There’s also the lead role, this time over the world you can see Vilner is one of the most interesting came up with the mini one convertible.

vilner tuning mini one cabrio modified 2 Vilner Tuning Mini One Cabrio Modified

Vilner is this tool describes it as the most eccentric Mini in the universe and that the theme of the design context, shaped. Because the vehicle in question has been made and said the Galaxy theme highlights made serious references to universe. The men are clearly “no different than this,” he says. Mini one convertible is the car in question, 2010 model, 1.6 liter 90 HP 140 nm of torque is even a gasoline engine 6 speed automatic transmission with is cute walking through the car as the principal details start to convey footnote.

Vilner is this tuner’s connoisseurs of style on the outside to avoid serious changes and they know very well that the principal business interiors. This is different from what happened in the mini model is to be made, but purple and blue color that is highlighted in the study mainly uses the vehicle’s front side to the desired hues to the fender up until the buffer flowing part used. The Interior is so ambitious he couldn’t refuse work every lady that easily made no. By the time the upper poles from the base of the vehicle, every detail is carefully repaired. For example, the alcantara base covering over the leather made of mats, alcantara blue purple color in his cockpit design of the initial fabric leather and fine details to continue with the gold-plated parts should be used when the owner of the mini one convertible lust vil Garuda so special to wake. Friends, this tool contains every detail of the workmanship and care. Do you have more individual don’t know about you, but this tool can be seen on the roads, I’d say the most different mini model.